Guidelines to help make your dumpster rental a simple and easy process


  • Typical dumpster rentals are for 7 days. If you need to keep the dumpster for more than 7 days, that's no problem. There is an additional charge of $5 per day.


  • We cannot allow certain materials to be put in our dumpsters. The following are materials not allowed to be placed in our dumpsters: liquids of any kind, Freon, batteries, hazardous waste, tires, asbestos, paint, herbicides, pesticides, oil, fuel, refrigerators, freezers, intact television screens or any other hazardous materials.

  • Please do not move the dumpster once your dumpster has been delivered. In order to prevent injuries and damage to the dumpster, only employees of Parker County Waste Management may move the dumpster.


  • Do not overfill your dumpster. Please help us out with this. By law, a tarp must be placed over the dumpster for transport. In order for the tarp to fit properly over the dumpster, the dumpster must not be filled above the top. Parker County Waste Management is not responsible for "packing down" the material in the dumpster or pulling anything out. We will not pick up the dumpster if materials are over the top and will have to charge a return fee of $100.

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